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Opening : Saturday – Tuesday 07:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Mr. Omar Yusuf Odowa founded


Qoormadoobe General Trading Co in August 1994. Today, we are honored to connect with hundreds of clients every day with amazing items.

Qoormadoobe General Trading Company offers a dependable service to consumers and communities around the country, and we specialize in whole sale and retail of all types of construction materials.

We’ve earned a strong reputation in all areas of business, and we’re eager to build on that reputation by increasing our commercial operations in the future.

  • Learn from customer feedback
  • Professional Team
  • High Savings Potenstial
  • 24/7 customer support
  • High Savings Potenstial
  • Learn from customer feedback
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Professional Team

Omer Yusuf Odowa

– Founder

200,000 +

Happy Clients

30 +

Years Of Experience

25 +


100 +

Team Members

Our Products

Whole Sale & Retail

Of All Kings Of Building Materials Including:

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing the most dependable and complete selection of building materials to our customers

To this aim, we design our products and services to meet the specific demands of our customers, ranging from individual customers to commercial development, improvement, and maintenance.

The goal of Qoormadoobe General Trading Company is to provide high-quality materials to its clients at a low cost.

Our Mission

Our vision is that our business continues to develop at a rapid pace, and we plan to maintain and increase that growth by building more stores, as previously stated.

Our main goal is to strengthen our client relationships by providing the most accurate and high-quality items.

Our goal is to improve the quality of our products and services so that we can earn our clients’ trust.

Our Value

We have always felt at Qoormadoobe General Trading Co that developing a successful, long-lasting firm that achieves a balance between profitability and social conscience is critical.

It began with our early trips to the locations where all of the things we sell are manufactured around the world so that we could inspect the quality of the goods we were purchasing. These assist us in providing high-quality items to our customers.

Qoormadoobe General Trading Company

Our Products

We’ve always believed in supplying the best, highest-quality construction materials, and it’s our mission to be grown to the highest quality standards possible.

In our store, Qoormadoobe General Trading Co offers a variety of exceptional consturction products that our clients enjoy.

Our goal is to ensure that my clients are satisfied with the quality and appearance of the building materials we supply.

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